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A work permit is required before anyone under the age of 18 is allowed to work in any job, with two exceptions: agriculture or domestic service work. Employers should have a work permit on file for the minor being employed before they may allow the minor to begin work.

Work permits are issued at Hebl, Hebl, & Ripp and at various other locations throughout the state. The permit will not be issued if the work is prohibited by law.

How to Obtain a Work Permit

To obtain a work permit, the minor or parent must visit the Hebl Law Office, bringing with them:

Required Verification Information:

  1. Minor's Birth Certificate, or other proof of age *
  2. Minor's Social Security Card
  3. Hiring Statement from Employer explaining job duties and hours of work
  4. Written parental consent
  5. $10.00 fee. **
  6. The minor must be present to sign the completed Work Permit.

* We may accept a certified birth certificate, valid driver's license or an identification card issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation as proof of a minor's age. Note that this means that we may not accept either a duly attested birth certificate, a verified baptismal certificate, or a driver's license or photo ID card issued by the Department of Transportation.

** The $10.00 fee for the permit should be reimbursed to the minor by the employer at the end of the first pay period. Copies of the permit go to the employer, minor, and the school district where the minor is enrolled.

For further information, answers to your questions, or to obtain a work permit, please contact our office.

"Are You Planning on Going to Work?" - Equal Rights Publication ERD-27-P

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